Survival, Natural or Man Made? Part 1

August 6, 2012

                        Survival, Natural or Man Made?

Wikipedia the internet Dictionary defines Survival as part of the word Survive   “To outlive: outlast: live through.” Survival “The act of surviving: an outliving” An example of this would be the vastly coined phrase “Survival of the fittest” .

With the abundant number of theories on the importance of dates like 12/21/12 the “End of the Mayan Calendar”, end of the world, or perhaps the apocalypse, many people are taking these ideas seriously. All one has to do is look at the Discovery Channel and it’s clones to see “Dooms Day Prepares” or “Dooms Day Bunkers.”

You must admit that with all the hype from the media that there is some curiosity piqued here. Which style would be most effective? Or would a blending of the two methods be most effective?

Natural survival seems the most appealing and romanticized, living off the land for all  of your needs. The way the Native Americans did prior to exposure to the “White Man’s Western Culture” and how influenced their lives. Yes that is the way I want to do it many would say, however, how many folks could actually survive in this manner of Natural Survival? Most modern day people are not equipped with the knowledge to truly accomplish this before they perish. To know what plants could to be harvested when and how, to build a shelter that could house your family in harsh weather, to hunt, fish, or gather for your food. That’s right, to hunt and fish, (it’s not born on styrofoam covered in plastic you know,) there were no native cultures that relied solely on plants for their diet or clothing. How to kill an animal and process the animal so it would be a high yielding food source not only at the moment of the kill but the future also!

Tune in next week for the second half!